If you want to inquire about hiring Matt for any of the following services please email:

Matt operates a full-service studio in Fairfield County, ConnecticuT.  

He has produced music for film, tv, commercials, albums, etc.  

a selection of samples available at:

 To inquire about these services you can email Matt at

Music Directing: Leading bands for tv shows, live shows, for backing artists, private events, galas

Do you have an upcoming live or taped event where a live band to help the flow of the evening? Matt will put together a customized band to bring your event to the next level.

Live performance: Keyboards, Guitars, Bass, Vocals

Matt is sometimes available for performances or to accompany other artists.

Studio: Session work/ Production - Pro Tools/ Logic/ Ableton/ Mainstage

Do you need help in finishing your songs and recording an album? Matt will walk you through the process from finishing a song to recording the song to mixing the song and even releasing the song to the public.

Teaching: Keyboard, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Composition, Songwriting, Music Theory, Notation, Improvisation
 Do you need instruction or mentorship in advanced aspects of music creation or performing? Matt will help you to overcome any learning obstacles.

Charting/Transcribing: Finale, Sibelius

Do you want to learn a piece of music that sheet music is not available for? Matt will help you to learn the music and/or write it out for you.

Consulting:  Insight, Coaching, Advising, Music Business

Do you have goals in music, creativity, or in the music business that you are not achieving? Matt will help you to clarify the obstacles and find strategies that will help you to break through to the other side.

Arranging/Composition: for band, strings, horns, Orchestra, piano

Do you want Matt to write or arrange music for you, your band, or your brand? Matt will help to create a custom piece of music for you.

Contracting:  Putting together bands, Hiring musicians for recordings

Are you in need of music related services and you don’t know the right people to go to? Matt will help you find exactly what you are looking for.