Second Single of Matts EP "Dream The World New" now available!

Dream The World New:

First Single of Matts EP "Dream The World New" now available!

Human Anymore:

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Notes from Matt about this recording:

First, I spent a few days meditating and improvising on simple themes with two of my favorite musicians: Dave Livolsi(Bass) and Theirry Arpino(Drums)

Second, I cut out a few 5 minute chunks that I liked and, on my own, added a bunch of other instruments. 

Third, I got together with jazz/carnatic(Indian classical music) vocalist Raphaelle Brochet and had her sing various melodies over the music

I'd describe the style as new-age/jazzy/trancy.  

Here are the first three songs from these recordings:

The Multi-Instrumental 80's cover project:

Matt recreates some favorite songs from his youth on many instruments:

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