#13 Don't Miss the Joy of Ignorance

After taking a Chinese Medicine class in college I would practice sets of qigong meditations designed to help the health of 5 organs in the body(kidney, liver, spleen, heart, lungs.)  The practice that I had learned required me to spend 10 minutes focusing intensely on each organ(50 minutes total.)   Although I followed the instructions, I had a very hard time ‘feeling’ my organs.  After a few months of what I perceived as failure, I gave up this practice.  Being older now, I often feel my organs without trying.  I look at it as their way of telling me that I need to make a lifestyle adjustment to take care of my health.   When I was trying to feel my organs I couldn’t feel them.  Now I’m not trying to feel them yet I can.  My somewhat comical point is this: you really only need to feel your organs when they are giving you pain signals.  If you’re young and healthy don’t try to ‘feel’ your organs.  Just go outside and have fun or something.