#18 'The Deeper Mind' + Thinking as an activity

Many spiritual practices focus on quieting the mind or letting thoughts pass without investing in them.  This can be very helpful in dealing with persistent negative or stressful thoughts.  Something that is not often stressed in these traditions (but I think is very worthy of mention) is the positive aspects of focusing on thoughts.  Once the practicioner has learned to unattached from the compulsive negative/limiting thoughts - there is room for what I might call ‘the deeper mind’ to emerge.  This is the mind that is endlessly curious about anything and everything.  The mind that enjoys exploring problems and their solutions.  When this mind is allowed to emerge one can enjoy sitting and thinking for hours.  Many creative people set aside time for thinking.  Do you make time for thinking in your life?  Time to let your mind revel in unlimited possibilities?  If you don’t, I highly recommend stopping to take 5 minutes to enjoy your thoughts and to see where your mind can go.