Frequently Asked Question: I want to learn to record myself.  What gear/equiptment do I need? 


Here is a list of gear for a first home recording setup.  There are virtually infinite possibilities when it comes to choosing/adding recording gear.  An important principle is to make the most of what you have and to add as necessity dictates.  


1. A computer:   a computer will allow you to record digitally 


2. Recording software - otherwise known as a DAW(digital audio workstation.)  A DAW allows you to record music with maximum flexibility for editing and postproduction.  


    Most popular DAWs: Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton, Garage Band


3.  An interface:    an interface connects the computer with musical instruments or with microphones 


    three examples of (relatively) inexpensive interfaces:  Focusrite Scarlett, Apogee ONE, NI Complete Audio  


4. A Microphone -  3 (relatively) inexpensive options:   Shure SM57, Shure SM58, Audio Technica AT2020


5. Microphone Stand  


6. A pop filter - a pop filter eliminates annoying pop sounds that can occur when singing or speaking


7. Cables - USB cable for interface to laptop, XLR cable for microphone to interface, 1/4 inch cable for instrument to interface 


8. Headphones - so you can hear the music back and so you can avoid “bleed” (when sound is unintentionally picked up when recording.)