It DOESN'T Get Better

  We love movies with stories that move forward towards a goal or towards a great achievement.  In our careers and personal lives we work towards goals believing that they will bring us happiness.  


What if what you are doing now is as great as anything that you will accomplish in the future?  

What if wherever you are in your life and career right now is essential and inseparable from whatever you will achieve in the future?  

What if this part of the journey is as important and as great as any other part?  


What happiness can be gleamed from the simple fact that you are on the path* right now?  For example, what if playing music today for a few people in a small bar is as great as playing for thousands of people in a stadium?   In my experience it can be.  The gift and joy of being able to express ourselves through our art does not necessarily change or get better as ones career progresses.  You don’t need to look for happiness at the end of the rainbow.  To be on the path at all is a cause for great happiness and appreciation.  


*The path refers to any path of growth, self-actualization, self-realization, artistic development