Ep. 29 Lipbone Redding (One-Man Orchestra)

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Lipbone Redding is an award-winning vocalist, guitar player, voice-strumentalist, storyteller, songwriter, author, teacher and traveler. He is best known for his one-man orchestra show; simultaneously playing, singing and making the instrument sounds with his mouth and without the use of a loop pedal. Lipbone incorporates a full spectrum of musical styles from American Roots and Jazz to throat singing and Indian Classical. Origins A free-range child, native to the swamps, farmlands and beach towns of coastal North Carolina, Lawrence “Lipbone” Redding cites his mama’s Soul, Boogie, Blues and Disco records as early stylistic origins. As a young man he became interested in Art, Opera, Books and Theater and often dreamt of travel to exotic places. At 21 years old, no longer able to be contained by a small town, Lipbone escaped to New York City and discovered Improvisation, Comedy, Jazz, Modern Art, Dance and Performance Art. Lipbone’s decade at the cultural crossroads sparked his curiosity and paved the way for future influences from around the globe. New York became a launching pad for what was to become a lifetime of travel and collaboration with artists and audiences alike. After a brief stint as an actor, carpenter, bartender and producer for the Museum of Sound Recording, Lawrence Redding accidentally became a NYC subway musician and adopted the name “Lipbone.” He made “funny” sounds while playing guitar. Curious folks would often ask, “what do you call that sound?” He would tell them, “It’s my Lip Trombone!…My Lipbone!” Hence the name. It was there in the underground caverns that Lipbone Redding experienced artistic redemption, and honed the skills that eventually allowed him to travel and make a living wherever life took him: India, Europe, South America, New Orleans, San Francisco, and points between. “Music is like pollen that drifts through the air and becomes a seed in the imagination. Music is a carrier wave for revolution. With music, I speak with friends who I have never met. We tell each other, ‘Everything is alright. You are not alone.’” - LB Traveling the world making friends and music, Lipbone spends most nights on the road in his small RV, “The Beautiful Flying Machine.” Outfitted with solar panels, a kitchen and comfortable living area, he boasts waking up to some of the most stunning views on planet Earth. From his mobile headquarters, Lipbone makes art, writes songs, records music, perfects his vegan recipes, interviews fascinating strangers for his podcast, and shares photos and video of nature’s beauty. 

Recently Lipbone’s live show was featured on PBS, On Tour with Lipbone Redding. The program has been seen by viewers nationwide. Most recently, Lipbone has released a digital album on his own label, Beautiful Flying Records entitled Return Of The Beautiful, co-produced by Mashti (Mads Nordheim). The two have collaborated on an earlier record entitled Runaway Snail, recorded in Goa, India. Both albums are available in digital format from www.LIPBONE.com, on Spotify and iTunes. With the decline of CDs and physical music merchandise, Lipbone has taken a new tact. Already making art and writing on a daily basis, he has been making small runs art booklets with full album Part of his DIY aesthetic, the physical objects that accompany the albums are a thought provoking collection of art, stories and lyrics.







Songs by Lipbone heard in this podcast:

1) Cowgirls Meet on Guadalupe Street

2) Dogs of Santiago

3) Refugees and Vagabonds


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